Themepark Gliwice - Opening 2026


Themepark Gliwice is expected to open its doors in 2026.

Gliwice is a Polish city of almost 200,000 inhabitants in the southern region of Silesia. The city is a 20-minute drive from the Silesian capital Katowice. 

This region is Poland's most densely populated area, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More than 7 million people live there.

the park


Our main theme partners are Studio 100 and Plopsa


Our construction partner for this project is CFE.


Gliwice is located about 72 kilometres west of Kraków and 260 km southwest of Warsaw. Other major cities are: Ostrava (70 km), Vienna (290 km), Prague (320 km) and Bratislava (270 km).